Laboratory of Perrikale Swiftfoot
Magic Hall, Moorholm University

Hop, hop! Well hello there travelers. I'm Perrikale Swiftfoot, Sr. Level Alchemist and  Professor of Magicology at Moorholm University. Now that you've stopped by my workshop, I can tell you about the types of magic within the realm.

Within the Realm of Ancient Magic, magic power has two main categories. Natural magic, which all creatures in the realm are born with, and sage magic, which only a select few are chosen to wield. This method was devised by the dragon sages as a means to ensure that no creature ever grew too powerful, due to having multiple magical abilities.

In the days before The Great Dichotomy, creatures were able to wield all types of magic ability. However, after the divide, the sages decided to put strict reins on this, and removed the abilities they found to be the most destructive.

Now, all creatures are born with only a standard amount of natural magic, and it is extremely rare and unlikely for any creature to be born with sage magic. Only the Dragon Regents, who are bestowed with sage magic, are allowed to wield this power, during and after their terms of service.

This is the type of magic that all creatures in the realm are born with. They are allocated a standard amount, which allows them to move small objects around without having to make physical contact, along with a variety of other small feats.

Listed below are the five types of sage magic that creatures can wield if they join the regency.

Perrikale Swiftfoot
Sr. Level Alchemist & Professor of Magicology