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Long ago, the earth was an enchanted place. Magical creatures of all kinds coexisted with humans. The world was filled with magical energy, which the creatures had the ability to wield. Creatures who were friends with humans started gifting magical capabilities to them, and as human genealogy continued, human babies began to be born with magic as well.

Thus, society eventually became a mixture of those who could wield magic, and those who could not.

But as time passed, those without magical ability grew jealous of those who had it. They began killing senselessly, out of hatred and envy. To make matters worse, when it was discovered that magical energy could be harnessed and transferred to another being after death, the killings elevated to astronomical levels.

Cuthbert Oswald
 The Oswald Compendium of Magical Plants

Thurchard Laslowe
Magic Realm Laws & Constitutions

Clarkston Honeycolmb
A Celestial Chronology of Interplanetary Space

Finhenry Wendlegard
Wendlegard’s Reference of Magical Species

Famous Historical Te​xts

Unable to stomach the gruesome killings any longer, five sovereign dragons deemed themselves protectors of the realm and took up the task to alleviate the situation. 

They extracted all the magic and isolated it into its own realm; a distant space so far away that its precise location can never be found. The newly separated realms were given names; the new one was called the “Realm of Ancient Magic” and the former called the “Realm of Common Beings”. Soon after, they simply became known as the Magic Realm and the Common Realm.

After doing this, the dragons transported every being— both human and creature alike— who bore magic into the Magic Realm. Here, all beings could now live in peace amongst those equal to them without fear of being targeted for their magic. Within the realm, the dragons created worlds suited to each type of creature, placing them in environments that were well-matched to their species. 

Eventually, the dragons became known as the “Ancient Sages”, and the division of the two groups became known as The Great Dichotomy. To govern the Magic Realm, they established a systematic body of principles that all magical inhabitants must adhere to. The sages put strict rules on the acceptable uses of magic, and administered consequences for those who chose to break them. In addition, a seal was placed between the worlds, so that they would never again be open to one another. 

For the non-magic humans still in the Common Realm, the sages removed their memory of magic entirely. Only a few individuals remembered shadows of it, but shook it off as something they had seen in a dream.

As centuries passed, new ideologies and doctrines emerged, and change was inevitable. Through a series of progressive events, the realms once again began to merge, and gateways to link the two began to form.

With the re-introduction of magical creatures into the Common Realm, a plethora of disastrous situations ensued. Stories of betrayal, revenge, treachery, and heartbreak were once again being told about the lives of those who dared to blend magic with those who didn’t have it.

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Moorholm, Magic Realm